Harold Long is a recognized theologian, preacher, teacher, volunteer in corrections (V.I.C.), and recovery speaker. He has spoken in almost all 50 states and many countries around the globe.

Harold received his M.Div. from Eden Theological Seminary, his M.B.A. from Missouri Baptist University, and his B.P.S. in Professional Studies from Missouri Baptist University (and graduated Magna cum laude). He spent 25 years in the insurance and financial services industry before entering full-time ministry.

He earned seven professional designations in the insurance and financial services industry:

(C.I.C.) Certified Insurance Counselor, (ChFC) Chartered Financial Counselor, (R.F.C.) Registered Financial Consultant, (CLU) Chartered Life Underwriter, (REBC) Registered Employee Benefits Counselor, (RHU) Registered Health Underwriter, and (LUTCF) Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow.

Harold is new to Hillsboro United Methodist Church, located in beautiful Hillsboro, MO, and to Transformation United Methodist Church, located in the gorgeous setting of House Springs, MO, where he serves as the Senior/Teaching Pastor, speaking to hundreds each week. You can listen to Pastor Harold’s teachings each week by clicking on the Sermon tab on the home page, or by clicking here, and you can read his weekly blog by clicking the Pastor’s Blog tab on the home page, or by clicking here. 

Harold has been a volunteer in corrections (V.I.C.) since 1996, where he regularly serves in maximum security prisons. He has mentored hundreds of men over the last 24 years, walking shoulder to shoulder with them and helping them rediscover life.

Harold has also been involved in recovery ministries since 1987. He has mentored and worked with thousands of people over the last 33 years recovering from alcoholism and addiction. He has been invited to come and share his testimony all over the world. If you would like to book Harold to come and speak one of your events, please email him at .

Harold passionately believes God created everything for a purpose, and that each one of us was created for a unique role in the kingdom of God if we so choose to discover that role and live into our calling. He boldly defends a Christ-centered faith and a Jesus looking God. Harold isn’t a churchy guy, rejects religion as a whole, and believes God stands for justice, righteousness, and peace. Our duty as kingdom people is to carry out God’s will in all aspects of our lives, by meeting people where they are at and helping them take the next steps on their spiritual journey. Harold believes in a God that is mysterious and a God who doesn’t make to hard of terms for those who honestly seek God.

Harold and his wife Suzie have been married for five years. They have five children between them, a 4-year-old black lab named “Koda,” and live in Hillsboro, MO.

One more thing: In his spare time, Harold loves to play golf, fish, bow hunt, and even play the drums.